On Arrival Training of our EVS-2-SVE Volunteers

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Asociación Intercultural Europea


Here we are! Our European Voluntary Service EVS-2-SVE just started few weeks ago and from 14th to 19th of October we have attended the on arrival training in Benicassim, organized by the IVAJ.

Cool it could be one of the more appropriate words to describe these days. The venue, just in front of the sea, gave us awesome sunrises, good moments for reflecting and share our point of views connected to many things, projects and ideas.

The multicultural background was of course one piece of this puzzle that we already were expecting from this training. We had the chance of enjoying no formal education activities with other volunteers coming from France, Romania, Estonia, Italy, Uk, Czech Republic, Greece, Belgium, Cyprus, Netherlands, Poland, Hungary, Germany and Portugal. Now we know that Skype was created by an Estonian genius, the largest word is Hungarian and the Evs in Spain is not just for learning Spanish! Just sometimes we have been more Spanish oriented because we had the chance of hablar español during daily sessions!

The core of the training gave us a lot of useful information and opened our mind to several practical tips . We realised that the Evs network is huge and implicates many work and expertise for being implemented. Furthermore, the internationality and the possibility that you have of comparing with the others are pillars of an Evs experience. You could just come out stronger and with the wish of having one more involvement abroad!

During this week our Evs backpack just started to be filled of new knowledge, nice people and smiles, wishing of travelling and enough motivation for take as much as we can from this great experience!

Valeria, Flavia & Katrin


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