Window on the World

Asociación Intercultural Europea


WOW is an Erasmus Plus Strategic Partnership Project in the field of Youth, with the aim of strengthening the capacity of organisations working with youth, by developing a strategic approach that empowers youth practitioners to teach young people about, and for young people to engage with global and international development issues, and become global citizens. In other words, opening a ‘window on the world’ so young people can see the bigger picture.

Main Project objectives:

1. Improve the knowledge and understanding of at least 1000 young people of global and development issues, focusing on the Global Dimension and Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs)

2. Engage young people in critical thinking, discussions and debate about global and development issues

3. Improve the competences of youth practitioners to deliver development education by training them in international development, and the pedagogy of development education

4. Develop a global competency framework for (a) young people and (b) youth practitioners

5. Improve intercultural awareness of young people and youth practitioners so they can operate in intercultural settings

Duration of the project: 12/06/2017 – 11/06/2019


  • Country Reports – Analyses of  policies, strategies and approaches to promote learning about global international development and global issues to young people in each of the participating country
  • Global competent frameworks for young people, and youth practitioners and educators
  • Training courses in global and development issues for young people and youth practitioners and educators
  • G-Game (global game) – a learning tool in the form of a game that facilitates learning about international development issues
  • Guidance for organisations and youth practitioners and educators wanting to embed/reflect the global dimension in their work with young people




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