Sharing and learning Platform in financial management and literacy for migrants and people with fewer opportunities

Asociación Intercultural Europea


SELF-MATE aims to create a knowledge/competence foundation of adult migrant households (25+) and train educators of migrants in a number of key topics, such as:

1. Financial accounting and family economics management

2. Consumers rights and digital transparency

3. Supporting them through agile digital learning & financial assessment material on digital skills (compatible with everyday work and endeavours)

4. Access an e-learning platform to give practical guidance in different life situations, focusing on transversal competencies and download explanatory material in different European languages (English, Swedish, Spanish, Italian and Turkish)

Moreover, this project aims to empower migrant women and raise awareness about their concrete contribution in terms of family economy as well as in those uncountable values of safety and protection.


In order to concretely empower adults in their everyday life, SELF-MATE project wants to develop the following intellectual outputs:

Develop a theoretical and practical framework of digital financial learning/teaching, taking into account informal and non-formal aspects of education, both for adult migrant learners & trainers [O1]. It will be attached to a self-assessment tool of knowledge in order to strengthen self-empowerment of learners in learning objectives. Open Badges will be issued to make competencies recognised in an open and simple way;

Set a methodology pack – Development of the Training for Trainers materials and guidelines for effective digital/financial competencies and transversal skills for migrants, based on the results of the previous framework [O2];

Create blended training material for migrant learners + video-tutorials and Pilot Testing on 50 Participants at the local level [O3];

Set a short-term joint staff train the trainer event [C1]: 20 participants (4 per country) among teachers, educators and trainers working with vocational education and training of migrant adults, will improve their knowledge of digital financial competences and better their training competencies;

Set a simplified-access e-learning platform for support and vocational certification of competences of migrants, having it different extra-European languages. [O4].


SELF-MATE project is the result of the experience of the collaboration of 5 partners – the creation of a shared platform and the assessment and definition of digital financial skills to concretely answer to the guidelines of the EU Digital Agenda putting at the core of its target also migrants, a theme that has become crucial also in terms of xenophobia insurgence.




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