On Your E-Marks

Boosting key competences in web, graphic and digital arts by enhancing entrepreneurship and online presence in VET

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ON YOUR E-MARKS: “Boosting key competences in web, graphic and digital arts by enhancing entrepreneurship and online presence in VET” is an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership, with the aim of developing required skills in both VET educators and learners, when it comes to incorporate digital skills (such as online presence, appealing graphic design and branding, etc.) into the rather “classic” and sometimes dated, entrepreneurial education.

Having such knowledge and control on tools and methods of online presence entails a lot of new possibilities among VET learners who want to set-up their own new businesses. By doing so, the VET sector can become a keystone in promoting entrepreneurial education, thereby increasing the employability of students and apprentices through improving their capacity to start their own businesses.


The project aims to promote entrepreneurial education by boosting key competences in web, graphic and digital arts among VET educators and learners in order to improve their entrepreneurial capacity to teach and learn about how to start new businesses and how to reach current markets online.

Main target groups:

  • VET educators (teachers, trainers and mentors)
  • VET learners who want to start up their own businesses (future entrepreneurs)

Project Duration: 01/10/2018 – 31/09/2020


The Project will develop upon completion, the following intellectual outputs (products):

  • An in-depth study on the online presence that provides a detailed analysis on online presence policies and strategies linked to entrepreneurship education in VET and in business sectors in Europe and represented countries (FR, ES, CY, PL, RO, IT)
  • A project handbook that provides guidelines for efficient online strategies that supports VET educators and promote entrepreneurship education
  • A pedagogical strategy for VET educators that supports them to facilitate the learning process on entrepreneurship through online presence
  • A toolkit for VET educators that provides training materials and tools to teach VET learners entrepreneurship and online presence
  • An e-learning course, which combines e-learning sessions and offline activities, that provides training to VET learners about entrepreneurship and online presence
  • Moreover the project will provide the opportunity for 21 VET Educators and 35 VET Learners to join Transnational Mobilities in Europe and so be trained and certified on the new methodology developed by On Your E-Marks.




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