Enhancing transversal and digital skills to promote innovative blended training strategies in Adult Education

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DigiTrain: “Enhancing transversal and digital skills to promote innovative blended training strategies in Adult Education” is a 2 years Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project in the field of Adult Education.

The main project aim is to build capacity in training organisations and improve their ability to deliver high quality and relevant digital skills training by improving staff competences and through the formulation of digital competency frameworks to be used as the basis for developing appropriate digital training programmes, learning resources and tools to promote innovative blended training strategies in adult education.

Within this broad aim the main objectives are to:

1. Formulate a digital competency framework for (a) adult educators and (b) adults.
2. Design and pilot a modular “Train the Trainer” course for adult educators, and a Digital Skills course for disadvantaged adults.
3. Develop teaching and learning resources to deliver blended digital skills training to adult educators and adults.
4. Improve adult educators’ knowledge of digital learning technology tools, platforms, and skills in using them.
5. Produce guidance for adult educators on strategies, tools and approaches for promoting and delivering digital skills training.

The project consortium consists of partners from, United Kingdom, Cyprus, Greece, Spain and Italy.

Duration of the project: 18/09/2017 – 17/09/2019


Digital Competency Framework for Adult Educators and one for Adult Learners

Courses in Digital Skills for Adults and Adult Educators

Teaching and Learning Resources for Blended Learning

Handbook for Adult Educators




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