Graduating is one of the most rewarding and terrifying phases of our lives

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We say goodbye to the known and head out to the unknown. Adulthood can seem frightening at first, but it only takes patience and persistence to master it. The best advice that someone could gives you is to keep in mind that you’re still young (and wild, and free) and still have plenty of time to do anything you feel like doing. Now’s the time to travel, to find a job abroad, to learn new languages and fulfil all your dreams. Take advantage of having no attachments and go on an adventure; wherever it may take you.

Probably leaving everything behind sounds scary, but you don’t have to be radical. You can find a job abroad which will allow you to both travel and gain experience and income. Think of it as an exchange; you probably weren’t this afraid when you went on your Erasmus. Organise everything beforehand; secure a job whilst being in your country of origin and you won’t have to worry once you’ve become an expat.

If you feel lost and don’t know where to start looking Google is always the perfect solution. Search for voluntary programs like Erasmus+, use web pages like GoEurope to find an internship at the European Commission (amongst others) or use multilingual job boards like Europe Language Jobs which will allow you to filter your search by language, country and/or work area making it really easy to find both jobs and internships in just a click!

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Asociación Intercultural Europea