“Speak Up for Europe” training course

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Asociación Intercultural EuropeaRecent developments in European and world politics (including Brexit, Turkey’s drift away from western democracy, different opinions on European integration, etc.) clearly show, that the European Union we know now would need to be restructured and described in a new way. We also need to underline the fact, that peace and well-being of people is not given once and forever, but need some active actions from active citizens. In order to make young people, who state a huge portion of Europe’s population, heard in that process, we need to equip youth workers and young leaders with tools appropriate to foster debate among young people, enable them to express their opinions, and finally, reach consensus, which will be an important vote shaping Europe of tomorrow.

Those and many more reasons brought us together for the Training Course “Speak up for Europe”, 7 days Mobility for Youth Workers, implemented in Wrocław, Poland, from 6th to 13th of March 2018.

The Training Course was designed to empower 21 youth workers, volunteers and local youth leaders from Romania, Bulgaria, Spain, United Kingdom, FYROM (Macedonia), Croatia and Poland to foster debate about Europe, and the EU in their local communities.

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